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Holy Hustle

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A quick-witted con artist and his brother, on the run from gangsters, scheme their way into pastoring a down-trodden church to hideaway while hustling the saints to scrape up the loot.


Cain McGee finds himself alone after the death of his mother and untimely break-up with his girlfriend. Things go bad to worse when his often invisible, con man brother who only return home to get his hands on his portion of the inheritance--or so he thinks. The brothers find themselves in a bad way when an old school gangster, whom baby-girl was victimized by Jacob at the tune of $50,000, discovers he's back home. Facing death in the face, Cain volunteers their inheritance once they meet with their attorney in the morning. Accompanied by the gangster's, Hiawatha Pettigrew, two henchmen the brothers sit with the lawyer to collect their loot only to find they have less than two-thousand dollars between them, which is a huge problem. Quick witted Jacob convince them that their mother have priceless jewelry back at the funeral home. At the funeral home Jacob schemes his way into the back and escapes, leaving his little brother to fend for himself. Cain is given ten days to come up with the money or he's dead meat. While Jacob holds up in a homeless shelter searching out his permanent escape. He stumbles across a plan to go and pastor an out of town church to raise the dough. The only problem...Cain knows the bible. Jacob sneaks back home to rescue his brother, but he must convince him to write the sermons for him. Cain reluctantly agrees, only because his life is in danger. While there Cain falls for the church secretary, Hope, and begin true ministry in the town who's fallen on hard times. While Jacob begins concocting unscrupulous antics to fleece the flock once he finds the original plan is in jeopardy. The brothers take contrasting paths as they each form separate alliances. In the end, Hiawatha discovers their location and the church has found out they've been hoodwinked. Holy Hustle is a story family, faith, and forgiveness.


  • Director: Mark A. Cummings Sr.
  • Producer: Mark A. Cummings Sr.
  • Cast: Jack Shepherd,Micah Robinson,Gloria Darrington,Michael "Young Eagle" Artis,Bill Palmer,Shelby Holden,Quiana Wiley,Ray Powell,Alvin Zebbs
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Language: English

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